Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week One. (Part Deux)

so i just wanted to let everyone know that as of tonight, blink-182 is OFFICIALLY back together.  they made this information know on the grammy awards with travis stating; "we made music together before, and we decided to do it again."

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Week One.

a friend of mine recently introduced me to san diego based rock band the material, and me being all for a female-fronted band, i was hooked.  their ep, "tomorrow", which is available on iTunes, is pretty good.  i bought it on wednesday of this week, and really haven't stopped listening to it.  lead singer, colleen d'agostino really knows how to work the mic, and with a great backing band, this group gives paramore a run for its money.  although i do have to say that performing live is something the group needs to work on (if any of you saw the Mountain Dew Circuit Breakout on mTv, colleen looked as though she was having a seizure half of the time).  but over all, i would definitely recommend this band to anyone who's a fan of paramore or flyleaf.

although famed street artist shepard fairey isn't a newcomer to the street art scene, with his Obama "HOPE" poster becoming nationally recognized during the 2008 presidential election, i just wanted to inform everyone who is a fan, and not living on the east coast that last night fairey was arrested on alleged tagging charges on his way to the institute of contemporary art (ica) in boston.  fairey is set to be arraigned on monday.

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